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The Holy Spirit Study 5: The Fruit of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit Today Day 5 – The Fruit of the Spirit

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.” (Galatians 5:22-23, ESV)

Did you know that if you’re a Christian there should be evidence that you are? And did you know that at the moment of salvation, you receive the Holy Spirit—that He comes and dwells inside of you? It’s an incredible gift, and such a help to the believer as we journey in this challenging world. 

So when we are looking for evidence of one who claims to be a child of God, what traits are we specifically looking for? Thankfully, Scripture tells us exactly what others should see in us as Christ followers. Let’s take a look:

Love: If the Spirit abides in us, we should be noted as people who love others easily and deeply. We should demonstrate that love in how we treat others and speak to others. This love isn’t reserved for those who are close friends or family; it’s a love that flows from us to everyone, even the people we don’t naturally enjoy being with or the people we can’t seem to relate to.

Joy: Are you a joyful person, or is being joy-filled a challenge? No matter what our circumstances are, the believer has the joy of the Spirit because of what we have received from Him and the hope we possess as His children. Our joy pushes past trials and rests on the finished work of Christ and His saving of our souls from hell. 

Peace: In a world rife with warring and pain, how precious it is to have the peace the Spirit has given us. No matter what plays out in our lives, it’s such a comfort to possess a peace that abides amidst turmoil, loss and disappointment. His peace is one we enjoy as we look to a future that is forever safe in the arms of Christ. 

Patience: In a world filled with fast fixes and hurry-ups, how refreshing it is to have a patience only His Spirit can give us. We are not only to be patient with others but also patiently awaiting His soon return.

Kindness: If you are a believer, kindness should absolutely be a part of your character. Our culture is so filled with cruel comments, injustice, slander, betrayal and other forms of wicked behavior. How pleasant it is to see this fruit demonstrated in God’s people. May it be so of me!

Goodness: Goodness entails qualities of honesty, moral excellence and righteousness. It’s doing what’s right when it’s most challenging to do so. It’s being compassionate of others and caring for those who need care. 

Faithfulness: Being faithful means we are consistent, steadfast, loyal, and noted as one who trusts God. A faithful believer has submitted their ways to God and allows Him to have control over both their words and actions.

Gentleness: Being gentle means we treat others kindly and compassionately as we relate to them. A gentle person is a humble person and one who demonstrates patience and sacrifices for the sake of others. A gentle person is a ready forgiver and willing to help hurting people.

Self-control: This involves mastery over our inner desires, thoughts, words and actions. It is Spirit-filled, and not exercised in our own strength. It involves restraint and denying our flesh. 

As we’ve looked today at these “evidences” of one claiming to be a Christ follower, how are you doing? If we allow the Spirit to lead us in all areas of our lives, these will be reflected in how we live. As His Spirit lives within the believer, the Spirit longs to be seen by these fruits, and when they are seen, it brings Him glory and has the ability to draw souls to the gospel message.

Alternatively, when we are not recognized by these fruits, we misrepresent the One we claim to serve. May each of us use this opportunity for self-examination, and look for areas where we need to surrender our flesh and allow His Spirit to shine through.

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