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The Necessity of Forgiveness 21: A Unified Body

The Necessity of Forgiveness Day 21- A Unified Body

Did you ever stop to think that a unified Body—the Body of Christ—would not be possible without forgiveness? Forgiveness must be a language we easily speak in our relationships, but it also must be a language embraced in each local church testimony in order for unity to be present. And isn’t a unified Body the goal?

Can you think of a more miserable atmosphere, especially within church walls, than one without a spirit of forgiveness? Because it’s a fundamental element of our salvation, should it not also be a fundamental element within our places of worship? And should not church leaders lead in this by example? The answer is yes

As we learn more about our Heavenly Father, we learn that He wants us to model Christ’s example, perfectly displayed through the Gospels. While Jesus was always one to point out truth and apply correction where it was needed, He also had a compassionate and grace-filled heart. Last week we discussed how love is the motivator for forgiving others, and we see how perfectly Jesus both loved and then forgave (and continues to do both).

Maybe you’re a leader in your local church, or maybe you’re not. But when we look around at the faces of those with whom we worship, do we see a spirit of unity, or do we feel tension and division? If you’re a leader, you’re responsible to encourage the repair of any disunity among your flock—this is essential. In a church that is not unified, there is missing an atmosphere of security that’s needed within each testimony.

Just as a physical body thrives when each part is working together as it should, so it is with the body of Christ—His Church. If one part of the body is not functioning well, all parts suffer the consequences. A spirit of unforgiveness is a cancer that must be corrected if the body is going to prosper and thrive. Be willing to do your part to contribute in this. If you are holding a grudge against another believer you worship with, you’re a contributor to the disunity in your own church family and this is displeasing to the Lord. Prayerfully consider your responsibility in this and how it’s affecting your local church.

If you’re a leader and your church is struggling with unity, pray for wisdom in this. God longs for each local church to demonstrate unity, yet not at the cost of compromising truth. A unified Body reflects Christ, and Christ, the Word, must be our source for direction, guidance, teaching and love. May we find in the pages of God’s Word the grace needed to forgive readily, love fully and still honor the principles laid out for us there. 

“I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment.” (1 Corinthians 1:10, ESV)

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