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The Necessity of Forgiveness 23: God’s Forgiveness

The Necessity of Forgiveness Day 23 – God’s Forgiveness

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace, (Ephesians 1:7, ESV)

As we’ve been discussing the topic of forgiveness, we cannot come to a close without considering the forgiveness we’ve received so graciously from Christ. As believers, our burden from our sin has been removed. We’ve experienced spiritual freedom that is beyond compare!

Looking behind us, we likely see a path of trouble and difficulty. We’ve made some pretty dreadful mistakes and said words that cut others to their core. We’ve failed those we love by choosing our own way and not following God’s. We’ve severed relationships by our own carelessness. We’ve made lasting impressions in ways that we’re embarrassed to recall. Despite all of this, we have the opportunity to live in light of His amazing gift of forgiveness. 

All that dirt of our past is washed clean by His blood. We didn’t deserve His mercy and grace, but love was the motivator. His love for us is so great that He is willing and able to not only forgive our sins but to choose to forget them. He never brings up our past, saying, “Hey, remember how you messed up five years ago—don’t do it again!” Yet it is our responsibility to confess and repent, and then He lovingly wipes the slate clean.

Why, then, is it so difficult for us to treat others in light of what we’ve received through our Savior? Why do we so willingly hold grudges and remind people who hurt us of their past offenses? When we recall God’s faithfulness and merciful forgiveness, we must respond in kind. If you’re having trouble releasing the anger and bitterness, I invite you to spend time at the feet of Jesus. In His presence, we realize the weight of what we’ve received and can then move forward obediently with a tender and forgiving spirit. 

Life is short. Eternity is long. May what we do and what we say be words and actions that enrich our eternal experience. May we be forgiving people, people filled with compassion and understanding. Just as we desire it when we are in the wrong, let us extend that same grace where it’s needed today.

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