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Tools to Thrive as a Man of God 5: Strength

Tools to Thrive as a Man of God Day 5: Strength

The Lord is my strength and defense; he has become my salvation.” (Exodus 15:2, NIV)

Today, our focus is on a subject most men should love—strength! We love to go to the gym and pump some iron to build our strength. We love to be the one who can open up jars and move heavy furniture, right? Well, if that is our view of strength, we are in for a rude awakening when it comes to God’s definition of strength. God doesn’t place value on physical strength. He doesn’t place value on how independent you are and what you can handle on your own. So, let’s take a look at how God views strength so we can focus on showing it in our lives as we seek to live for Him. 

One of the greatest examples of strength in the Scriptures is found in the story of David and Goliath. Goliath portrayed strength by the world’s standards; he was tall, had huge muscles and carried heavy armor. If people were placing bets, they would have bet the house on Goliath. Even the mightiest soldier in Saul’s army was scared to death to face this imposing giant. Then David enters the scene. Physically, David wasn’t much to look at. He was a shepherd. He didn’t have anywhere close to the strength required to beat Goliath—strength, that is, by the world’s standards. David’s strength was found in the Lord. He knew that Goliath was absolutely nothing compared to God. David, on his own, couldn’t beat Goliath, but if he had God, there was no way he could lose. That day the entire world learned a very valuable lesson on true strength as David, with one shot, slew the giant, bringing him to the ground. 

As men, we have to understand that Satan is like our Goliath. He is calling us out to a battle that alone we cannot win. He is strong, powerful, and knows exactly where to hit us. Ironically, the only way we are going to win is if we fall to our knees. We need to pray and fully rely on God to help us fight the attacks from Satan. Satan is fully aware that he is no match against God. This is why he desperately tries to separate man from God so he can successfully destroy their lives and their souls.

Jesus was a great example of true strength. When He humbled Himself to go to the cross, Satan must have been smiling. He saw God’s Son beaten and crucified; He looked “weak” by the world’s standards. However, in this tremendous act of humility the Lord Jesus showed tremendous strength. Satan may have won the battle, but Jesus won the war. He provided redemption to all mankind and paid the full price for sin once and for all. That’s real strength, and it came through humility. 

When we accepted Christ as our Savior, we took the first step toward building true strength. Now we need to continue to build on it each day by reading the Word of God and praying. These are the spiritual exercises we, as Christians, need to complete each day to build our faith. God will allow us to accomplish amazing things if we humbly commit ourselves into His hands. 

We can’t allow ourselves to buy into the picture the world paints of what a man should be. The way we truly learn about being a man is through God’s Word. This study just covered a couple of tools to help us become more godly men, but if we sincerely seek to use them, there is no question it will help us thrive in our service for Him. 

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