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Walking a Disciple’s Walk Week 1 Day 2: Walk in Truth – Our Confession of Faith

Walking a Disciple’s Walk: Forsaking Convenient Lies to Follow the Lord 2 – Walk in Truth – Our Confession of Faith

Day 2: Walk in Truth – Our Confession of Faith

Part 2: Devotional Reflections


I will never forget the Boston pastor and his wife who discipled me in my university days; though I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and taught in a Christian school, I still don’t think I have ever seen anyone in my life get so excited about the Bible. Every Sunday morning in the unlikely setting of a movie theater, Pastor Jan preached a minimum fifty-minute sermon and it felt like two minutes—a completely jam-packed two minutes of passionate exposition with many Scripture cross-references, theological and apologetic arguments, and illustrations that spoke right to my searching and anxious heart. At 20 years of age, there were questions I had never been able to articulate or answer, and the Word of God really did address each one. I had never approached the Bible in such a holistic way and what I saw blew me away. 

On Wednesday mornings at 6am, a small group of church friends would gather in a local coffee shop to work through a systematic theology textbook and pray together before going off to work and school. I began to see that the Bible spoke into issues I confronted every day on campus. Moving forward into the workforce, marriage, and parenthood with the knowledge that scriptural truth can still be applied to my heart and my life continually has brought so much encouragement. Learning God’s truth is not merely an exercise in increasing our textual knowledge; it is meant to increase our faith.

Yes, God’s Word speaks to every part of who I am and who I am called to become, but even more than that, it shows me who God truly is. He is holy and just, powerful and tender, full of wrath for wickedness and yet full of mercy for the repentant heart. He knows everything, He loves me enough to not leave me where He found me, and He wants me to seek His glory first because He is truly worthy. 

I began a journey of understanding more about the marvelous grace He had given me at only 9 years old, and I recognized just how much truth I had yet to learn about my Creator and Savior. Most importantly, I discovered that acknowledging Jesus Christ as my Lord meant I was choosing Him first, only, and forever. What He says goes. What He wants, I must want. What He hates, I must hate. Who He loves and what He loves, I must love. And, even in all my weakness and floundering since that journey began, seeing Him as my true Lord in the pages of Scripture changed absolutely everything. I pray the same may be said of every one of us.


“It is still by the recognition of God in Christ that we are to be kept from evil, by contemplating and penetrating this great manifestation of God to us, by listening humbly and patiently to this Incarnate Word. Knowledge of the God whose the world and all existence is, knowledge of Him in whom we live and whose holiness is silently judging and ruling all things, knowledge that He who rules all and who is above all gives Himself to us with a love that thinks no sacrifice too great–it is this knowledge of the truth that saves us from the world. It is the knowledge of those abiding realities which Christ revealed, of those great and loving purposes of God to man, and of the certainty of their fulfillment, which recalls us to holiness and to God. There is reality here; all else is empty and delusive.” (Expositor’s Commentary on John 17:1-26, accessed via e-Sword)

Hymn: “Lord, Thy Word Abideth”

By Henry W. Baker

Lord, thy word abideth,
and our footsteps guideth;
who its truth believeth
light and joy receiveth.

When our foes are near us,
then thy word doth cheer us,
word of consolation,
message of salvation.

When the storms are o’er us,
and dark clouds before us,
then its light directeth,
and our way protecteth.

Who can tell the pleasure,
who recount the treasure
by thy word imparted
to the simple-hearted?

Word of mercy, giving
succour to the living;
word of life, supplying
comfort to the dying.

O that we, discerning
its most holy learning,
Lord, may love and fear thee,
evermore be near thee.

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