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What God Wrote in Stone 7: Sunday Selah

What God Wrote in Stone Day 7 – Sunday Selah

[Jesus said,] If you love me, you will keep my commandments. (John 14:15, ESV)

How can we, as children of God, claim to love God if we fail to keep His commandments? Wouldn’t it be true that a son or daughter who refuses to obey or respect their parents would not be characterized as loving? Today, as we set out to worship our Savior, may we be convicted of the areas of disobedience in our lives, and may we confess and repent of them. 

So often we adopt the behavior of the world around us and we sin. It can sometimes be hard for us to recognize the sin that has found its way into our everyday lives, because “everyone” around us seems to be engaged in similar behavior. May we truly see ourselves by the measuring stick of God, and make right the areas in which we are falling short. 

Unconfessed sin stands in the way of our relationship with Christ and our ability to worship Him as we should. Where have you struggled this week? How can you do better going forward? God asks that His people accurately reflect Him in their lives. Would you say you are reflecting Him well, or do you (like me) need to do some work in this? Our obedience says a lot about our love for Him. How well are you showing your love?

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