You are currently viewing Worrying the Days Away 6: A Reflection on Worry

Worrying the Days Away 6: A Reflection on Worry

Worrying the Days Away Day 6: A Reflection on Worry

Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer; from the end of the earth I call to you when my heart is faint. (Psalm 61:1-2, ESV)

As we reflect on what we’ve learned about worry and the believer, let’s take a few minutes to answer the questions below and then write out/speak a prayer to the Lord.

  1. What are you worried about right now?
  2. Write some of the practical ways you will try to subdue your worry this upcoming week.
  3. Write a few reasons why you can trust God in every circumstance. If you can, state specific examples of how God showed you He was trustworthy.
  4. Choose a trusted friend and ask them to join you in prayer for the worries that are weighing down your mind.
  5. Write a prayer to the Lord for help with your worries, telling Him specifically what you are worried about, while trusting fully that He will take care of everything.
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  1. Jennifer M.

    God is always on time! This message came to me exactly when i needed it ; )

  2. Ruth

    So glad to hear it, Jennifer! And you’re exactly right!

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